Coming From Left Field (Video)

“A Couple of Poets” with guests Janice O’Mahony and Kevin Miller

May 18, 2021

Greg and Pat welcome the poets Janice O’Mahony and Kevin Miller for conversation and reading of selective poems that cover current events, politics, and other matters.

Books by Janice O’Mahony

Whidbey Island: Reflections on People & the Land (2014) by Elizabeth Guss, Janice O'Mahony, Mary Richardson  (available at )


Books by Kevin Miller

Light That Whispers Morning (1994), Everywhere Was Far (1998), Home & Away (2008) and Vanish (2020) (available at )


Poem Index:

(05:24_Kevin) Alive So Who Is Complaining

(09:08_Janice) Just Wondering

(15:58_Kevin) After Pogroms Ending In River

(19:10_Janice) Intake At The Veterans Center

(26:00_Kevin) The United State Of Dog Fish

(30:56_Janice) Selma 1986

(36:08_Janice) I Got Nothing

(40:10_Kevin) Consider Religion

(42:11_Janice) The Poem That Led To My Arrest

(52:07_Kevin) Vanish

(53:52_Janice) Our Place


Poem Greg mentioned:
Bertholt Brecht: Concerning the Infanticide, Marie Farrar (1922)

Link to Greg's blog: ZZ's Blog

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