Coming From Left Field (Video)

Poets – Round #2” with guests Janice O‘Mahony, Kevin Miller and Derek Sheffield

September 8, 2021

Greg and Pat welcome back Janice O'Mahony and Kevin Miller for a second round pf poetry reading.  Also included is special guest, Derek Sheffield, nationally recognized poet, teacher and editor of In this podcast we put pandemics, politics, and an over-heated planet on the back burner, and engage with some lighter verse.


Poem Index:

(0:16:31_Derek)  Transcendentalism by Lucia Perillo

(0:22:57_Kevin)  Racehogs by David Lee

(0:27:27_Janice)  Patriarch’s Birthday Party Nine Days Away Blues by Janice O’Mahony

(0:31:55_Derek)  For Those Who Would See 3 by Derek Sheffield

(0:37:00_Kevin)  After Hearing Birdnote on the Song - Sparrow’s Double Scratch by Kevin Miller

(0:42:51_Janice)  Year of the Monkey by Janice O’Mahony

(0:54:51_Derek)  Sans Teeth by Dennis Held

(1:00:32_Kevin)  A Retired Farmer Working as A Greeter at Wal-Mart by Leo Dangel

(1:04:48_Janice)  Denim by Janice O’Mahony

(1:09:38_Derek)  Ornithology Lesson by Jan Wallace

(1:13:25_Kevin)  Sunset Knoll by George Bilgere

(1:15:47_Janice)  Just the Facts by Janice O’Mahony


Books by Janice O'Mahony

Whidbey Island: Reflections on People & the Land (2014) by Elizabeth Guss, Janice O'Mahony, Mary Richardson  (available at )


Books by Kevin Miller

Light That Whispers Morning (1994), Everywhere Was Far (1998), Home & Away (2008) and Vanish (2020) (available at )


Books by Derek Sheffield

Through the Second Skin (2013), Dear America: Letters of Hope, Habitat, Defiance, and Democracy (2020) and Not for Luck (2021) (available at )


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